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What To Do When Repairs Are Needed

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A Definition of Work Order

A work order is a request or notice to have maintenance completed in a residence room and/or common area. Work orders may be requested and submitted on-line.  Please be as specific as possible when submitting your work orders.

Procedures for Residence Room Work Orders

Every effort will be made to notify students a minimum of one day in advance should maintenance personnel need to access their respective rooms.  However, Residence reserves the right to enter rooms should the associated repair need immediate attention.

Whenever a Residence staff member must enter a room for the purpose of completing a work order, a notice will be placed on the door after the work is completed.

Please note that during the winter break, maintenance inspections will be carried out throughout all of the residence buildings with staff members entering all rooms.

A Note about Common Areas

Do not assume that someone else has already submitted a work order for repairs in a common area.  If you notice work that needs to done in either of these areas, please submit a work order.

Examples of When a Work Order is Needed

  • clogged toilet(s)
  • plugged sink(s)
  • leaking fridge(s)
  • malfunctioning or inoperative microwaves or toaster ovens
  • empty or near empty soap, toilet paper or paper towel dispenser(s) in the Residence public washrooms
  • malfunctioning or inoperative vacuum(s)
  • desk drawer(s) that do not slide properly
  • broken chair(s)
  • burnt out light bulb(s) in a common area
  • door(s) that do not close properly
  • inoperative or sticky locks
  • area(s) that require sand or salt
  • a cleanup of vomit on a stair well
  • washer/dryer issues
  • cable/internet/telephone problems

If You Have Work Order Concerns

Any concerns regarding work orders are to be directed to the Residence Front Desk at 705-330-4012.  Email: